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If you would like a FREE quote to refresh your current site or for a new website please contact us.

General Costs

Hosting 1 Year $396
Domain Name ( 2 Years $99
Domain Name (.com) 2 Years $66
Email - FREE
Flash Animation   starting at $150

Once you have your own website and would like to update it or add some content, then you will need to purchase some website maintenance.

Current Maintenance Plans and Pricing

Plan 6 6 units $66 ($11.00/unit)
Plan 12 12 units $120 ($10.00/unit)
Plan 24 24 units $216 ($9.00/unit)
Plan 36 36 units $288 ($8.00/unit)
Plan 50 50 units $350 ($7.00/unit)
Plan 100 100 units $600 ($6.00/unit)
Plan 200 200 units $1000 ($5.00/unit)

1 unit = 15 minutes of web design changes. Please note that flash and urgent work incur double units, while programming uses triple units.